TEAM 2014



I love to explore and learn new things..

My name is Urvashi Dutt and I’m passionate about organizing, dancing, driving and swimming. There are a lot of interesting fields to work in out there, but the field of event management somehow interests me the most and I aspire to be an Event Manager in the coming future. Being Head Co-ordinator for TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai is a path for me to learn and explore new things. No matter how old you are, learning never stops and therefore I think TEDx is a great platform where people can collectively come together and learn.



Create a positive change..

My name is Hunaid Salim and I am currently pursuing a degree in Advertising & Event Management from the Manipal University, Dubai. This year’s theme is for the students by the students. I want to create a positive change in the world and thought TEDx is a great platform to initiate this. Playing the role of the Head Co-ordinator in TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai. It is proving to be a great responsibility but also a great way to learn and acquire skills. Tedx is a wonderful opportunity to meet innovative minds. Interacting with achievers through such events, boosts the confidence and get inspiration. My interests include cars, technology and movies.




Learn as if you were to live forever..

My name is Priya Yagnik and I aspire to be an Event Manager in the coming future.
I am passionate about dancing, watching movies and sketching. I love to explore and learn new things. Being a pat of the Logistics team for the second edition of TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai has been a enriching experience.

Growing up I wanted to be a lot of things!

My name is Ebrahim Zoher and I am currently pursing a degree in Media and Communications at Manipal University, Dubai. My hobbies include sports, music, dancing and technology. I am a part of the logistics team. I think our theme Student 2.0 is a great way for everyone and anyone to learn what they like.

I am willing to go the distance!

My name is Brendon A Rodrigues and I aspire to work in an Advertising or Events firm in the near future. My interest lies in music.




I am passionate about origami as it frees my mind and soul..

My name is Chirag Soni. I’m a graphic designer and a photographer. I’m a part of the Branding, Marketing and Multimedia teams for TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai. I aspire to be a wildlife photographer as well as an event organizer.



Socially awkward yet a social media addict!

My name is Pooja Awtani and I’m currently doing my undergraduate course in Media and Communication from Manipal University, Dubai. My interest in Event Management and Advertising has motivated me to pursue a professional career in this field. Being a part of the organizing team for TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai has been a great learning process. This year’s theme talks about Student 2.0, where learning never stops and dreams are lived.

Creativity acts as a power source for me..

My name is Vikyath Poojary and I am currently specializing in Advertising & Event Management at Manipal University, Dubai. Any form of art inspires me! Participating in TEDx is helping me grow and learn.



Living life to the fullest!

My name is Harpreet Kaur. I am extremely passionate about acting and dancing. I am a part of the Sponsors’ team for TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai.

I travel within books

My name is Deeya Khanna. I am pursuing a degree in Advertising and event Management . I want to join the events management industry as an event manager. TEDxManipalUniversityDubai is a great platform to bring local talent together; I like to read books, cook and would like to travel the world.




I am pursuing my dream of becoming an event manager..

I am Riha Parvez and I am the head of the speaker’s liaison in TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai. Tedx is one of those events I’ve always wished to be a part off.



My interest lies in exploring the world and to bring change into the society!

My name is Sarrah Zoher. I study at Manipal University, Dubai. Currently I am specializing in the field of Advertising & Event Management. Student 2.0 is an inspirational theme, which can be a source of motivation for each one of us. My hobbies lie in reading books and thoroughly enjoy watching documentaries.

Media Relations


The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing ― Voltaire..

I am Juhi Rupani and I am a part of the Public Relations Team for TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai. A few years ago I stumbled across a TED video where a man from India, started a sanitary napkin resolution! I was taken back and then slowly realized; people with beautiful minds are all around us and how we are oblivious. TEDx is a wonderful opportunity to interact with several people with incredible knowledge.

The youth of today are evolving..

My name is Sonia Sharma and I am currently pursuing a degree in Advertising and Event Management. I am a part of the Public Relations team for TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai.  Since the youth of this generation is evolving so quickly, TEDx is a great way to get inspired, encouraged and motivated. My interests include music, movies and art. My dream is to travel the world and meet people from different walks of life.

Multimedia Team


We learn at every stage in our lives..

My name is Huda Moazzam. I am an aspiring event manager, presently doing my undergraduate course in Media and Communications at the Manipal University, Dubai. My interest lies in landscape photography and travelling. Working for such a prestigious event as a part of different teams, is encouraging me to put across my ideas and how to structure them in an organized manner.

Logistics Audience Team


I am a dreamer..

My name is Nivetha Nazar and I am a student of  Manipal University, Dubai. I am in my final year perusing the degree of  Media and communication. TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai is about inspiring people and enriching minds, making a change and I hope our theme as young students can reach a vast number of people. My interest is in sports and I have been always motivated and driven to go forward with the help of my surroundings. I am a part of the Graphics team for the TEDx ManipalUniversityDubai.