That’s my crazy idea of an invention! What would you being a student create?


This world is gigantic there is no doubt in that. In this big world is a sea of possibilities and opportunities; ones that are just waiting to be seized. Sailing in these treacherous waters, aiming to catch the perfect fish are us students. The right fish being the wonderful idea that will revolutionise the world.

I like to believe that I am a person with a vivid imagination; a person full of creative ideas and innovations but when this question “What would I create?” was put to me I was left blank. I couldn’t think of a single item which I would like to create.

So I got onto google and typed in the word “inspiration”. I was flooded with a bunch of articles and quotes that helped me get my brain juices going. Out of the many quotes present, there was one which caught my eye: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

So, what’s the craziest thing I could dream of?

As a student my life constantly circles around procrastination! Working on assignments, creating a set of innumerable drafts, We students are set onto what seems to be a path of imagine, innovate and create new things every day. The phrases “think out of the box” haunts us everyday however, being creative isn’t the issue, the issue is getting these assignments done on time. The battle isn’t with creativity but with time. Time management can crumble a student into a million pieces.

Procrastination is the main issue why many students, including myself tend to lag behind when it comes to getting work done on time. The older generation will probably say “Oh just stop being lazy!” but it’s not that easy. Fighting procrastination is a battle that cannot be easily conquered. Yes there are pros to procrastination but there are several cons as well: you’re more stressed, you sleep less; stress and sleepless nights causes fatigue, and fatigue just makes everything difficult!

So imagine a device that could help you stop procrastinating; a device, which helps you focus, something that constantly reminds you to get the work done. The device could be something we wear around on our wrists which and literally forces us into getting work done. It could work by giving you a tiny shock at regular intervals and the only way this will stop would be when you actually complete your assigned work.

So imagine yourself, seated in front of your laptop/device, set to do your work and as soon as you open your browser you get the urge to go check Facebook, but as soon as you get that urge, the device shocks you, reminding you that you have to do your work. Because of you don’t, the device will constantly bug you by shocking you.

This device automatically senses when you are is straying away from work and it will only come off once you complete the work. If this got invented it will really be something that will help a lot of students as well as myself. I would get all my work done on time and I will never have to worry about late nights and stress. I would be the all rounded, well rested student that I have always desired to be.

By Emma Dourado