5 Apps To Refresh Your Creativity

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Ingenious ideas seem restrained by the barriers of your mind? Activities that once excited you seem mundane and harder to perform? These may be indications of a worn-out mind. At this point, what you may need is a replenishing boost of some creative juices to rejuvenate your creative batteries!


Great things do not just materialize if you have your mind absorbed in a sterile vacuum. Forming an environment that can stimulate your creativity can really aid in kick starting any project. Although, this process may sometimes seem like drawing water from a stone, but if creativity is channeled in the right way you may be able to unleash a brimming stream of ideas and inspirations.


There may be numerous ways to refresh your creativity like taking leisure breaks away from work, meditation, photography, learning to play an instrument, devoting your mind to some art or craft projects, the list may be quite long and subjective. However, due to a shift in paradigm brought about by a rapid evolution in technology, people are constantly consumed in their smartphones and laptops, than investing their time in any of the above-mentioned activities.


This has become a major reason for more people undergoing stagnant creative thinking. And confining from usage of technology may not certainly be the idyllic solution, especially if your work banks on the extensive use of technology. We have hence compiled a short list of activities that can be performed through your smartphone apps. It is a productive and alternative solution to combating your mental-block and reviving your creativity.


1. SketchBook Pro

Introduced by Autodesk, SketchBook Pro is a trendy art app that can benefit not only budding artists but also anyone who is passionate, or possess a flair for art. SketchBook Pro comprises of a wide array of digital pencils, pens, markers, and airbrushes that can all be accessed using an easy in-built UI, which allows users to pin the toolbars to the screen for easier navigated access. This app also lends the opportunity to work with layers, transparency options, annotations, and advanced blend modes.  SketchBook is an excellent virtual substitute for a canvas or a sketchpad, which can turn everyday into an opportunity for rejuvenating your creativity.

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2. Rory’s Story Cubes

Though it is not a free app, the potential comprised within its usage makes it a fitting choice for aspiring writers. The basic concept of this app revolves around nine different cubes each of which bare a unique picture on all six sides. These dice are to be rolled around by shaking the smartphone to effectively randomize them as they fall. The six displayed pictures on the cubes can then be stringed together to create an articulate story powered by your imagination. The app allows over 10 million combinations, which can really help you in exploring the depth of your imagination and provide a starting point to get your creative juices flowing.



3. Morpholio Board

A powerful design app and a must-have for all those dabbling in interior designing, architecture, photography, or really any branch of the creative field, who would enjoy witnessing their creative design ideas come to life on their very own smartphone screens. It is basically a visual imagery of your creative ideas in the form of a digital scrapbook. The app provides options that allow its users to draw, design, collage, pin, and even blog their ideas to create numerous visual projects. There is also a built-in catalogue displaying the app’s curated furniture, accessories, and materials that can be added to the user’s personal board. Images can also be sourced from the web and used in projects. This is a superb app that not only allows you to redecorate any existing room but also design the room of your dreams!



4. Tinkerbox

For all you engineers out there, Tinkerbox is an exciting app developed by Autodesk. It is a great stress buster and at the same time an idle way to refresh your creativity. Players can kickback and create intricate Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions by making use of a hoard of app provided tools such as chains, bolts, ropes, suspension and compressed springs, motors, scissors, fans, conveyor belts, and many more. Players inclined towards the field of engineering can exceedingly benefit from this app as it develops problem-solving tactics and thoroughly engages the mind to think outside the box. As players progress in the game they are introduced to more complex puzzles and can even create their own puzzles that can be shared amongst other users.




It is a refreshing and easy-to-use app that allows users to generate creatively stunning typography art by just your fingertip. The user can simply type a sentence they would like to convey and then just draw with their finger. You may not need to possess seasoned art skills prior to using the app; all you would need is a bit of creativity and imagination!

Every individual possesses some level of innate creativity. It is in our hands how we choose to rejuvenate it and cultivate it in order to unleash the hidden genius that lies within. So take some risks, experiment, invent, break a few rules, and have fun while you do it, after all, that is what defines creativity!






Authored by Nikita Wadkar

The writer is Final Year Media & Communication Student who is specializing in Print and Online Journalism.