Andrew Bastawrous’ bakery for better eye care gets lift off, the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys make a video, and more

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As always, members of the TED community have been very busy the past few weeks. Below, just a few of them making the news:

Earlier this month, Mazda promised to fund one of four projects dreamed up by TED Fellows — based on your votes. The winner: eye surgeon Andrew Bastawrous has won for his Eye Bake program. With Mazda’s help, he’ll be building up the Ujima Bakery in Kenya, which will employ local people while raising money to subsidize eye care. (Watch Andrew’s TED Talk, “Get your next eye exam on a smartphone.”)

Susan Cain is writing a children’s book, to be released in May 2015. While Quiet focused on the workplace, this new book — called Quiet Power — will focus on school, extracurriculars and family life. It’ll also feature illustrations by Grant Snider. (Watch Susan’s talk, “The power of introverts.” And read…

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