Take part in our Songwriting Competition!

TEDxManipalUniversityDubai Songwriting Competition

The songwriting entries are reviewed and judged by the songwriting merits alone. Production quality is not taken into consideration. We are looking for great songwriters, not great producers. A simple home or live recording of a song has the same chance of winning the songwriting contest as a professional recording has of winning. A simple vocal/guitar or vocal/piano recordings is good enough. Vocal ability is ‘not’ necessary but will be a slight advantage. More importance will be given to the “songwriting” elements of the songs while determining the winners.



  • Each song submitted must be contestant’s original work.
  • Song has to be motivational and inspiring
  • You can participate individually or in a team. Do not exceed 6 people in a team.
  • Songs may not exceed four (4) minutes in length.
  • Song can be in English, Hindi or English-Hindi
  • Songs will be judged based on melody, composition, originality and lyrics
  • Avoid any use of profanity in your lyrics
  • Open to only current and alumni students of Manipal University Dubai
  • Song on CD with MP3 track and lyrics in a CD. Ensure you submit the entry in a regular-sized CD case and label with the entrant/s name/s, contact number and all credentials.
  • Prizes will be awarded jointly to all authors of any song; division of prizes is responsibility of winners
  • Deadline for submissions is on 12th March 2013. Submissions can be made into the box placed on the 1st floor, next to Student Services office on the 1st floor, Block A, Manipal University Dubai.


1)    The winner/s will be able to record their song in a professional studio setting

2)    The winning song lyrics will be the official song of TEDxManipalUniversityDubai 2013 and will be promoted on the event’s website and social media pages

3)    Winners will also receive a grand prize that will be disclosed on entry/at a later date.

If you have any queries comment below or email tedx@manipaldubai.com 

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