Our theme explained: “The Better You”

Think of the word, ‘teens’.

Thinking?, good.

Now, think about this, what if all that you were thinking about, just went to waste? Why? Because of low self-confidence, pressure, a murky idea about what you could be.

We at Manipal University, Dubai have realized this: teenagers of this region have immense amount of potential, but no one wants to do anything about it. They either think they “can’t” do it, they aren’t good enough and afraid of taking a chance, thinking only about marks which would apparently lead to a good job placement, a family and a good retirement plan. To us, that feels like a sheer waste. Everyone needs to know they are worth something, and they can do it – that people are backing them up all the way. We can sit and wait for this world to get better, or we can take a stance and give all we got. Any change begins with oneself

This 2013, TedxManipalUniversityDubai themed, ‘The Better You’ is a feel good event that aims to inspire our fellow young adults to push boundaries, take chances, make mistakes and go crazy! because you never know how good you can be at something, if you never try.