Sean Blake

Sean Blake


sean blake

What does Sean do for a living?

Sean helps raise awareness about the dire need for bone marrow donors with a unique photography series about people within varying environments with the common element of one ordinary chair. The final result is a collection of portraits on Polaroids.

What Sean has to say:

I’ve never met a camera I didn’t like. I have enjoyed experimenting with many types of formats, from old school 110 to 8×10 film cameras and everything else in between.

My latest project, “The Untitled Chair Project” finds me working with an inexpensive plastic Diana camera equipped with an instant back and a reclaimed, re-purposed ribbon procured from the trash bin as camera strap.

When I’m not dissecting vintage electronics and mutating them into some sort of juxtaposed monstrosity, I’m out trying to make the world a better place one photo at a time.

If you ask me what I enjoy shooting, it’s, well…everything.