Gayathri Krishnan

Gayathri Krishnan



Who is Gayathri?

With songs that range from evocatively low rumbling and moody ambiences to brutal and intense anthemic melodies, Gayathri’s voice is her identity.

It all started in the south of India, where she was born. Music was the nanny in her home, the language most spoken within the family and quickly became her hidden place and playground. With a family full of people who fit the Oscar Wilde description of the  “some of us who are looking at the stars” they uprooted their lives in India in pursuit of the Middle Eastern dream in 1992. There started the Dubai chapter where she grew up, was bought her first guitar, wrote her first set of songs and played her first gigs.

With a meticulous audiophile for a dad whose dizzying collection of Indian classical music concerts got under her skin at a very young age, her own music finds its roots in her roots. Combining that with her own finds, feeding her ears with everything from Joni Mitchell, Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Ella Fitzgerald, Nick Cave to the newer crop of songwriters like Feist, Radiohead & Regina Spektor, her music has become an emblem of all that inspires her.
The highest reviewed and rated unsigned artist to date by RollingStone ME, in line with the “looking at the stars” spirit, she made a move to London in 2012.

As life took her from India, to Dubai to London, Gayathri has always worked with a tight-knit crew of musicians and artists striving to create powerful emblems of sonic and visual harmony.